Sheffield & District BDM Registers: Timelines

With reference to the linked parish and nonconformist register timelines, they have been prepared based on “deposited” registers – this data may not be fully representative of the total data in existence, some of which may not yet (or at the time of the sources used in the preparation of the charts) have been deposited, this is likely to be particularly true for the more recent records, which may still be in use at the respective churches.

Additionally some (early) registers have been lost or destroyed, through the passage of time – consequently the early dates do not necessarily indicate the start of recording, and additional coverage may be found elsewhere – in particular in the Bishop’s Transcripts

Owing to the proliferation of churches and chapels in recent years, and a perceived lessening of interest in such registers as a source of information in later years – the coverage of post 1900 registers is not complete.

Note also the timeline does not necessarily indicate a continuous run of registers, there may be some breaks in coverage.

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