MD249 Petition of the Catholic inhabitants of Sheffield to the House of Lords (127 signatures)

Transcript of wording on the outer cover

Petition of the Catholic inhabitants
of the town and neighbourhood of
Sheffield praying belief –

8th June 1815
Presented read and ordered
to lie on the table

Transcript of the document

To The Lords Spiritual and Temporal

In Parliament Assembled

We the Undersigned Catholic Inhabitants of the Town and Neighbourhood of Sheffield deeply impressed with a sense of the burthen and Grievances under which we labour and anxious for their speedy and effectual Removal Humbly beg leave to approach Your Lordships’ House with our most ardent Solicitation That You will be pleased to take into your serious and attentive Consideration these numerous and degrading penal Laws which cramp our best Energies, bend down our noblest Talents, and in the Land of Liberty point us out to our Subjects as A proscribed and insulated Race – fictions of a Code which as our Birthright we had the Misfortune to inherit from our forefathers.

Unattached to any party save that of our Country – Unbiased by any Sentiments of Disaffections to our Sovereign or to the Constitution – Contributing to all the Experiences and fighting all the Battles of the State – In the hour of Peace assenting and in the Day of Danger proving our Loyalty – But stigmatized as Aliens in our native Country we feel influenced by these considerations coupled with a sense of that Duty which we owe to ourselves as Christians and as Men, To offer our petition Humbly asking and confidently anticipating that Your Lordships will grant its prayer – Freedom unaccompanied by Securities – Unfettered by Restrictions And Your Petition will we pray.

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