Sheffield General Cemetery Burial Records

Indexed transcriptions of burials in Sheffield General Cemetery. This was the first private cemetery in Sheffield that opened in 1836 offering an alternative burial place for local non-conformists who did not wish to be buried in Church of England graveyards. As the population of Sheffield grew and the churchyards became full, the cemetery opened a consecrated section in 1850 catering for Anglican burials. The cemetery contains the graves of around 87,000 people. Among them are some of the prominent figures of Victorian Sheffield society as well as numbers of paupers and many graves of ordinary working folk. The cemetery closed in 1975 although relatively few burials took place in its final 50 years. It became very overgrown and neglected, but is now conserved and looked after by a charitable trust. Volunteers from the trust have transcribed the records in the burials registers and grave books. It is possible to download the complete set of records for each of the Unconsecrated Section, the Consecrated Section and the Grave Books . Proceeds from sales of these downloads go towards the work of the Trust in maintaining the cemetery. For more information about the General Cemetery see

Sheffield General Cemetery Grave Books: All Consecrated Section – Plots A-Z, A1-Z1 and A2-Z2

Transcriptions of Grave Records for the Consecrated Section of the Cemetery for Grave Plots A-Z, A1-Z1 and A2-Z2. The records cover all internments in individual graves made at various dates.  Some detail from monumental inscriptions is also included.  The MIs were transcribed by Sheffield City Council in 1988 when all the gravestones in this part of the cemetery were cleared. The information covers details of the names and dates on the gravestones only.