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    Hi there- I’m in Canada, trying to track down living decedents of my Peacock line in Sheffield. As expected, with limited records, privacy issues and lack of digitized papers after a certain time, I’m hitting a brick wall. I’m thinking my best chance for identifying living relatives and following the trail is through obituaries. However, it seems the Sheffield Weekly/Daily Telegraphs are only digitized up to 1950 on the British Newspaper Archive. Are Sheffield papers digitized anywhere else? Are there other newspapers in nearby cities that may have carried obituaries for Sheffield residents? Please let me know if anyone has any ideas – short of paying a genealogist to go to the library to look them up, or making a trip across the pond myself!

    Thank you.

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    Sheffield Local Studies have an index to obituaries and death notices in the Sheffield newspapers. You can download the index here:

    It is to the right of the screen in green.

    After this date a search would have to be carried out manually.


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    I don’t know if this is any help at all but I was at infant/junior school with a David Peacock but we lost contact when we went to senior school in 1960.


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    Thank you both!

    Ken – May I ask the name of the school and how old David Peacock may have been (and what year) last time you knew him? Do you know if the school still exists?

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    Sorry, I was being clever but you wouldn’t know our school age ranges. I was born in 1949 so David would be similar. We went to senior school at age 11 in 1960.

    The school was St John’s, School Street infant and junior school (there were 2 St John’s schools at the time). No, it isn’t still there, pulled down many years ago and now a day centre for the elderly sits on the site. Even the street has been renamed.

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